Tyler Cukar, AICP, LEED ND

Tyler is an urban designer and architect based in New York City and a certified planner through the American Institute of City Planners (AICP). He holds a professional Bachelors degree in architecture with an emphasis in urban design and a minor in architectural history and theory from the Fay Jones School at the University of Arkansas. He holds a Masters degree in Urban Design from Columbia University in New York City.  Focused on urbanity and cities at every scale, Tyler has worked on a range of projects including regional growth strategies, district revitalization, high-level reuse studies, and transit networks and stations. Emphasizing the fundamental aspects that shape a place—questions of "who" in addition to "what"—Tyler strives to understand the particularities of every project’s social, economic, and physical constraints. Tyler is adept at working with communities, promoting integration and connectivity, solving issues of isolation, and enhancing value while maintaining the integrity of a place and its people.

Much of his historical analysis and writings focus on the cause, initial drivers, and root events of America’s suburban growth and urban core decline, placing significance on the "why" in how are cities developed the way they did. He moves beyond the analysis of effects and outcomes and reaches back to understand the orchestrated moves by agencies and the unique social calamities that happened at a uniquely synchronized moment. Tyler has been published in Architect MagazineArchDaily, and Charter of the New Urbanism for works of historical analysis and research on social equity and social justice.

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