Boston's Historic South station anchors the South Boston district of the city and has been an Icon for over 100 years. However, the station is in disrepair and no longer meets the growing needs of MBTA. On top of these issues, the city looks to expand to high speed rail capacity for the North East corridor. After winning the RFP HNTB dug back into the project and peeled back all of the covers to reveal the true goals and issues at hand. This specific version of the project looks back to Boston's history of wharfs and their still standing greenway and emerald necklace as drivers for the design. The station becomes part of the pedestrians experience allowing the Rose Kennedy Greenway (big dig) to move up and over the station  and linking to the new innovation district. This new elevated greenway would also serve as a portion of the concourse for the MBTA tracks. Within the station a layered sectional approach is taken which provides visual access to all modes of transit: bus, amtrak, MBTA, taxi, walking, and the subway. The station looks to blend this dichotomy of a destination, the station, and movement, the greenway, and become the Nexus of Boston.

Boston SSX Framework Diagrams


Client: City of Boston, MBTA

Architecture + Engineering: HNTB

Design Team: Tyler Cukar, Matt Kirschner