Farmington Arkansas is a town of roughly 5,000 in Northwest Arkansas. Farmington has become a bedroom community to Fayetteville, home of the University of Arkansas, and has lost its identity and imageability relating to it’s past character as one of America’s more vibrant farming communities.  Townscaping, unlike master planning, employs a serial organization of nodes to create a walkable urban environment and deemphasize the auto-dominate 5 lane arterial.  Using urban agriculture and low impact development (LID) principles, townscaping looks to set up new modes of connection to the built environment and imaginative practices in growing, planting, and foraging. Farmington Townscaping looks to serve as a model for other cities and towns, developing a kit of parts  for use in a sort of plug in play manor.

Townscaping Framework Diagrams

Townscaping Overall Axon

Farmingtown: Pedestrianized Community

De-emphasized commercial arterial

Kit of Parts

Implementation and Phasing

Converted 5 Lane Arterial



Client: City of Farmington

Design Team: Tyler Cukar, Nick Pierce, Caleb Lowery