Fayetteville Arkansas has a population of 74,000 and is predicted to at least double it’s population by 2030.  Like many American cities, Fayetteville has adopted a traditional planning method, based on forcasted decisions and densities at 4 units per acre.  This type of development leads to sprawl, loss of imageability and the creation of “anywhere USA” conditions.  Scenario Planning envisions specific futures from exploration of “what if” propositions. Scenario Planning studies multiple futures allowing for more complete exploration.  In Fayetteville the driver seeks to understand “what if 80% of all housing starts developed within a 1/2 mile of a multi-modal streetcar boulevard along 71b?”  In transit city the new development focuses around Fayetteville’s main commercial artery and looks to reconnect the city using it’s already existing amenities and historical markers. The scenario creates a walkable city based off place-making techniques, green infrastructure systems, and incentivized commercial growth.

Streetcar City Framework Diagrams


Design Team: Tyler Cukar