Indy 2020 was a collaborative project under the guidance of Justin G. Moore. Justin, an urban designer for the New york City Department of City Planning and Professor of Urban Design at Columbia University GSAPP, won a fellowship through the city of Indianapolis to Envision different aspects of the city for incorporation in the city's 2020 plan.  The over arching frame work was established by Justin then, under his guidance, Tyler and Ryan Jacobson, each designed both developmental and spatial strategies for 2 separate sites within Indianapolis. The below proposal is focused around Fairfield and the Monon trail.

The framework for CrossRoads will explore a network of signature place-based investments that guide growth, enhance community and cultural identity, and integrate recurring neighborhood celebrations. For the full report and presentation please visit:

The fairfield and Monon trail site uses the state fair grounds as a catalyst site & stakeholder in the further connection of the area. The state fair has vast lands of parking which is only fully occupied for 10 weeks a year. The proposal looks at ways to integrate sequential loops into the area; thus folding the state fair into the fabric of everyday life. This then allows the state fair to fully benefit the citizens, while also, more holistically benefiting from surrounding residents in the form of retail, residences, or the place based event of agriculture. The design looks to be phased and respectful of the state fairs desire and need of both parking and land while presenting an alternate way of life for fair grounds that can be much more fruitful.