What if Robert Moses got everything he asked for? New York City: 2030 is a competition for CityVision that looked to answer the question, “What is New York like in the Year 2030”. The response looks to New York’s past planning follies and imagines a future in which current day New Yorkers must respond to these past mistakes and answer them in a newly oil conscious society. The entry responds to two primary areas: Washington. Sq. Park and Robert Moses LoMex. It is understood after existing for 80 years the LoMex could not be dismantled, so it was simply deemphasized. A pedestrian promenade is snaked under the overpass with moments for amusement parks, green hills, skate parks, and amphitheaters. The pedestrian promenade links to a greenway connecting to Wash. Sq. Park. Wash. Sq. Park is dealing with 5th Ave. and it’s bifurcation of the park. To mediate this divide in public space, the pedestrian realm is simply blanketed back over 5th Ave. creating a sectionally articulate space. These responses are looked at as a kit of parts that can be applied to other trouble areas in the city.

NYC 2030 Framework Diagrams


Competition: City Vision NYC 2030

Design Team: Tyler Cukar, Caleb Lowery