Social Capital is critical to the physical, mental, and economic health of a community. The networks and interactions between people add value (capital) to place, adding strength, equity and resources. In New Rochelle, NY and East Harlem, NY we find two communities at opposite ends of the spectrum of social capital; East Harlem is at a more complete stage with strong bonds and connections between groups but potentially vulnerable links to the greater “sphere” of the city, New Rochelle is at an earlier stage still in the process of building bonds and failing to create bridges between groups. These stages are the center of the design for these two communities that aim to develop the image of a healthier city, in all definitions of the word. East Harlem looks to build on the existing groups and relationships and bridge from East to West, connect Central Park to East River, and break down the physical and mental barriers that NYCHA public housing inadvertently creates. In New Rochelle we look to identify the key groups that are already established within the frame work of the city and amplify them and establish strong physical and economical relationships between them.


New Typology of Crosstown Connection


An Intra-Inter Core


Design Team: Tyler Cukar, Yu-Hsuan Lin, Nijia Ji, Marco Sosa, Olivia Gibbeson